Our generation 4 is a trading system with SMART intelligence. It includes revised version of Elliott wave analysis and  different oscillators to confirm the trend filtered by higher and lower period moving average . System is very much visual. The package system cost USD 2999 includes pdf manual. During two years of forward testing, the winning trade results are outstanding ranging from 67% in Gold to 97% in EURUSD.

Our Forward testing is still going on in various instruments, the result will be shortly published.

The system is very handy and only supports Meta Trader 4.


Nepafx Generation 4 Trading System

$ 2999 USD

Trading in the higher dimension

contact nepafx@gmail.com if the download link doesn't redirect after paying.

Sold:  77 units       Only 23 copies  left

R & D is going                                                             on for           Generation 5 

 Happy Trading!

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